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What’s Next?

Rock Nano Global is on a perpetual mission to make life entertaining. We are anticipating the release of our upcoming games – Battlebots and Battlemight.

Battle Bots is an arena battle game for Android and iOS. Battle Bots introduces a unique programming-based combat system where players input commands to control their bots. Cute animal bots and machines make up the line-up of characters for players to collect and battle with. 

Battlemight is a free-to-play collectible card game available for mobile platforms.
Join in the battle of 3 tribes and custom build your own unique deck. Battle other tribes and earn new cards to improve your deck. Challenge your opponent’s might with a unique card battle that has never been seen before.

No matter the platform, we encourage clients and partners to explore radical ideas and propose what they wish as we develop on the newest technology together. After all, we are also gamers!